As local plumbers and gas engineers ourselves, everyone at Garvey Plumbing & Heating understands that homeowners in Wandsworth feel reassured when they see identification from tradespeople at their doorstep. This remains especially true for work involving gas appliances, be it boiler repairs, installation and servicing or wider central heating services. Due to their operating nature, by law, only professionals on the Gas Safe Register can perform work on boilers and other gas appliances. From planned plumbing services to our work as emergency plumbers and gas engineers, our personnel always carry ID with the Gas Safe logo, offering you the ultimate peace of mind.


If you are unfamiliar with the Gas Safe Register and why you must choose local plumbers and gas engineers with such accreditation, please read our brief introduction below. After reading, if you still have any queries or would like to discuss plumbing services and central heating services at more length, please call us on 07881 277 385 or 07984 891 289.



In 2009, the Gas Safe Register replaced CORGI as the gas registration body. If you recognise the name CORGI, the distinction is simple: the Gas Safe Register is, essentially, the same body with a different name. In essence, the Gas Safe Register represents the official record of every individual plumber, engineer and company legally allowed to conduct services on boilers and gas appliances. Only someone on this register can legally undertake boiler repairs, servicing or installations. Work performed by any other local plumbers remains unsafe and unlawful.


Safety remains the primary issue. The Gas Safe Register protects homeowners and their properties in Wandsworth and the neighbouring areas from the practices of less scrupulous emergency plumbers and gas engineers. Naturally, plumbing services and central heating services which create gas-related problems have the potential for tragic results.


Would you drive a car without a driving license? We hope the answer is no, of course. In much the same way, anyone without Gas Safe ID should not, under any circumstances, conduct boiler repairs. Our local plumbers receive rigorous training and testing, ensuring they operate in line with the highest, and safest, standards.


Property owners in Wandsworth should also note, the Gas Safe Register has no similarities to a paid membership scheme. Any emergency plumbers and engineers with such credentials haven’t simply paid a fee to join. They have demonstrated proficiency of the highest order, allowing them to perform legally safe central heating and plumbing services.


If you require boiler repairs, plumbing services or central heating services centred around an existing or new boiler, choose the local plumbers at Garvey Plumbing & Heating. With our Gas Safe registration, you have the ultimate peace of mind.

For more details about the Gas Safe work we carry out as emergency plumbers and gas engineers in Wandsworth, call 07881 277 385 or 07984 891 289.

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