Garvey Plumbing & Heating covers every aspect of central heating for domestic property owners. Our vastly experienced, fully qualified, Gas Safe-registered team help to install and maintain central heating systems. In addition, we play a vital role in finding faults in existing systems which have the potential to develop into much larger, disruptive and costly problems. If you simply feel your current system lacks efficiency, our local plumbers and gas engineers can design and install a new one from scratch. No matter your requirements, our central heating services ensure a swift, effective solution with highly functional results.


Based in South Chelsea, we carry out central heating services within the surrounding 15-mile radius. As a result, our local plumbers and gas engineers have established a reputation for excellence in locations such as Balham, Battersea, Clapham, Fulham, Kensington and Wandsworth.


Central heating services usually go hand-in-hand with boiler-related work. However, on this page, we focus on services specific to central heating systems. You can find more detailed information about boiler repairs, servicing and installations on the dedicated pages on the menu bar of this website.


Garvey Plumbing & Heating undertakes the following central heating services:


• Central Heating Installations

• Central Heating Servicing

• Central Heating Repairs

• Complete System Upgrades

• Underfloor Heating Systems

• Power Flushing


Garvey Plumbing & Heating offers free, no-obligation advice and quotations for any proposed work. To arrange an initial consultation in the comfort of your own home, please call us on 07881 277 385 or 07984 891 289. Our local plumbers and gas engineers happily travel to properties across South London, from Clapham to Wandsworth, and from Battersea to Balham.

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Central Heating Installation


Efficient central heating systems not only create comfortable living spaces, they can also help to reduce energy bills. With more than 60 years of shared trade experience, our local plumbers and gas engineers can advise you on the perfect system for your own unique needs and budget.


As part of our central heating services, we install:


• A New A-rated Boiler

• New Radiators

• A Programmable Thermostat

• New Valves and Pumps


We design every aspect of your system to suit your requirements and the specific dimensions of your home, ensuring reliable, high performance central heating for many years to come.


Power Flushing


Maintenance remains key to ensuring new and existing central heating systems operate at optimal standards. As a water-based system, pipes and radiators experience a build up of rust, limescale and various other forms of debris over the years. When allowed to collect, these contaminants form a substance our local plumbers refer to as ‘sludge’.


Regular power flushing ensures your system remains clear of sludge build-ups, maintaining the efficiency and performance of your central heating. This process involves the injection of water and other immobilising agents through the system at high speeds.


Signs that your central heating system in Battersea, Clapham, Wandsworth or the neighbouring areas may require power flushing include:


• Excessive noise from boiler or radiators

• The system takes longer to warm up

• Specific radiators don’t work at all

• Cold radiators with hot pipes

• Leaking or faulty radiators

• Discoloured water when bleeding radiators

• Boiler often cuts out and needs restarting

• Radiators have cold spots and don’t fully heat up


For an insight into the results we achieve with plumbing and central heating services, please visit the gallery page.

For more information about central heating services in Battersea, Clapham, Wandsworth and the surrounding areas, call 07881 277 385 or 07984 891 289.

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